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Suggested Frame (for illustrative purpose only)

21. 出塞1 (唐. 王昌龄) 

秦时明月汉时关, 万里长征人未还


Lim Tze Peng



Chinese ink on rice paper

90 x 97 cm

Price on request

We welcome enquiries and viewing of the actual art piece. 

Please quote the art piece number.

These are the first of 2 verses of the poem 出塞 by Tang poet Wang Changlin (王昌龄):

秦时明月汉时关, 万里长征人未还。

但使龙城飞将在, 不教胡马渡阴山。

The poet used “the Qin Dynasty moon overlooking the Han Dynasty guard post” to poetically describe the extremely long tenure of guard duty enforced on soldiers sent “ten thousand miles away” to the borders. It paid a touching tribute to the hardship endured by the soldiers, and their families waiting at home.