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Suggested Frame (for illustrative purpose only)

22. 出塞2 (唐. 王昌龄) 



Lim Tze Peng



Chinese ink on rice paper

100 x 104cm

Price on request

We welcome enquiries and viewing of the actual art piece. 

Please quote the art piece number.

These are the latter of 2 verses of the poem 出塞 by Tang poet Wang Changlin (王昌龄):

秦时明月汉时关, 万里长征人未还。

但使龙城飞将在, 不教胡马渡阴山。

The poet expressed his hope that another General as capable as the “Flying General” would emerge to win the war and let the people live peacefully. He made reference to a famous early Han Dynasty general Li Guang (李广), whose nickname was “The Flying General” for his many quick victories in battles against the nomadic warriors from the North.

The introduction of colour into traditional Chinese calligraphy is an innovation by Mr Lim which adds vibrancy and modernity to a largely monotone art piece.