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Suggested Frame (for illustrative purpose only)

26.  凉州词 (唐. 王之涣) 




Lim Tze Peng



Chinese ink on rice paper

140 x 70 cm

Price on request

We welcome enquiries and viewing of the actual art piece. 

Please quote the art piece number.

This a famous poem by Tang poet Wang Zhihuan (王之涣). The poem describes a beautiful scene in the remote upstream of the Yellow River, using a concoction of clouds, mountains, flute, willow tree and wind. It is a vast picture of unspoiled Nature and peacefulness. 

For his rendition of this descriptive poem, Mr Lim skillfully uses a combination of medium and light cursive strokes to bring out the essence of the 5 objects stated. This artwork is the portrait version. Artwork no. 25 is the landcsape version.