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53.  水调歌头 (宋. 苏轼) 

明月几时有?  把酒问青天。

不知天上宫阙,  今夕是何年?

我欲乘风归去,  又恐琼楼玉宇,高处不胜寒。







Lim Tze Peng

Abstract Calligraphy (糊涂字)


Chinese ink on rice paper

160 x 92 cm (including frame)

Price on request

We welcome enquiries and viewing of the actual art piece. 

Please quote the art piece number.

This was a famous 95-character poem by Sung poet Su Shi (苏轼). It was even composed into a hit song (但愿人长久) sung by top Chinese singers Teresa Teng (邓丽君) and Faye Wong (王菲). Parts of the verses have also been quoted as idiomatic expressions. On a full moon night in the mountains, the poet expressed his deep thoughts of his brother, whom he has not met for 7 years. As age caught up with him, he felt the chill from the mountain air. He hoped for longevity, so as to meet his brother again.

In this Abstract Calligraphy (糊涂字), Mr Lim decided not to have too many overlaps of characters. We could spend many joyful hours appreciating this artwork and trying to identify each character. This artwork is already framed (frame outer size is 160 x 92 cm).